Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Thomas Aquinas College Northfield, MA Stained Glass, 2019

When the Thomas Aquinas College was opening their second campus in Northfield, MA in the summer of 2019 they wanted to install a mosaic onto the campus chapel. This installation was challenging and fun! My first religious themed mosaic. Read more about this installation in the Blog section.


Regatta Kitchen Installation, Brewster, MA, Stained Glass, 2018

This project was a lot of fun to work on. The clients were great to work with. They saw one of my small whales and when they purchased their second home on the Cape, they wanted their own whale above their stove! They then added the regatta theme across the kitchen and instead of doing regular subway tiles, they opted for hand-cut stained glass in the style of subway tiles. I am very happy with this installation. It looks great with their cabinet and counter selection. It is always fun to be part of a renovation process.


Sunset Bathroom Installation, Marstons Mills, MA, 108"x24", Stained Glass, Mirror, 2017

This installation was commissioned and installed into a clients bathroom on Cape Cod. It is made of stained glass and mirror. The client wanted a sunset themed bathroom, and that is what she got! I am so happy she loves it. It looks great with the subway tiles. 


Seahorse, 10"x16", Stained Glass, Driftwood, 2016

This mosaic was commissioned as a gift from one couple to another for allowing them to stay at their vacation home in Florida. The blues and greens match their decor and the driftwood frame is made out of found driftwood along the beaches of Cape Cod



Dragonflies at the Lake, 14"x18", Stained Glass, 2015

This mosaic was commissioned as a Christmas gift for someone who lives on a lake. They wanted to incorporate dragonflies and their lake surroundings into their mosaic. The wings of the dragonflies are made with an iridescent glass to give them shimmer and movement. 




Chrysanthemum, 30"x30", Stained Glass, 2016

This commission is of a flower that the clients saw while at dinner. They wanted to commission a mosaic but they were undecided on what the subject should be. When they saw this flower, they decided that they wanted it turned into glass! Here is the original picture:










Barbara, 1957 (Sassy Barbara), 16"x24", Stained Glass, 2018

What a fun and challenging project! Below is the inspiration picture for the mosaic. It was a small black and white Polaroid that my client found of her mother. She later discovered that her mother is four months pregnant with her in this picture. My client commissioned this mosaic for her mother's 80th birthday. She wanted it to stay black and white but have a "modern pop" feel. We did this by having some of the objects (the bricks, her shirt, and her lips in color!). This project was my first attempt at recreating a black and white picture. Challenging but fun to create such a personal mosaic for my client. Happy Birthday Barbara!


Disco Balls, Mannequin, Mirror, 2017

I had been wanting to mosaic a mannequin for a few years so when my client mentioned the idea of a mannequin, I was so excited! This commission was fun but challenging. It was difficult to get the mirror to curve around the mannequin form while still showing the details and curves of the mannequin. In the end, it came out super funky!


Flag for a Veteran, 15”x22”, Stained Glass, 2018

This commission was a gift for a Veteran. After seeing my larger flag mosaic “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars”, the client wanted to give a smaller version to her Veteran. The sides are made out of found driftwood. Thank you for your service!



Let the Good Times Roll, 24"x24", Stained Glass, Mirror, Smalti, Glass Beads, 2015

This mirror was a fun project to complete. This commission was made to be a wedding gift from the client to her daughter for her wedding. The quote, "Laissez les bon temps roulez", all made in glass, was taken from their wedding invitations. 


Raleigh, North Carolina Wedding Gift, 16”x24”, Stained Glass, 2018

This mosaic was a wedding gift for the client’s sister and soon to be brother in law. They met at college in Raleigh, NC. Mosaics are always a great wedding gift. They can be personalized in so many ways!


Baci Il Cuoco, 12”x12”, Stained Glass, 2018

This “Kiss the Cook” sign was commissioned as a birthday gift for a local cookbook author. His love of cooking, Italy, and the color orange were “musts” in the commissioning process. The frame is made out of found driftwood.


Under the Sea Mermaid, 21”x26”, Stained Glass, Driftwood, 2018

This commission is made out of stained glass. The tail has iridescent glass to give the tail some shimmer. The driftwood on the mosaic is from the client’s driftwood collection. The sides are made out of found driftwood, stained to match the rest of the frames in the client’s home.